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UPS Air Cargo Services

Choose from two dependable UPS Air Cargo services. Since 1982, UPS Air Cargo has provided you with the capability to move your freight shipments, via the reliable services of

UPS Air Cargo Services

Providing gateway to gateway service for our Freight Forwarding customers.

UPS Air Cargo Perishable

Experienced and rellable movement of select perishable goods. For additional details, contact your Account Representative.

UPS Air Cargo – Oversized Shipment Capabilities

For shipments exceeding standard Airline pallet dimensions, contact your Account Representative for availability and pricing details.

UPS Air Cargo

Our comprehensive hub-and-spoke network provides you with access to key transportation centers across the U.S. and beyond.

Welcome to UPS Air Cargo

Our comprehensive hub-and-spoke network provides you with access to key transportation centers across the U.S. and beyond. Our all-points international air hub is located in Louisville, KY, with other regional hubs located in strategic cities across the U.S. We cover the rest of the world, as well, by operating international air hubs in Miami, Hamilton, Cologne, Taipei, and Shenzhen, China.

The Global Capacity Management Center is ready to accept booking requests, provide shipment forwarding, logistical support, as well as arrival information to the ultimate destination city. Our centralized booking service offers direct routings, plus alternative and bypass flights.

Service Guide

Service Explanation

United Parcel Service Co., herein referred to as UPS, engaged in air transportation of containerized and palletized cargo between selected airports in UPS Air Cargo.

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Every aircraft in UPS's fleet meets the strictest noise-reduction standards. UPS was the first major airline in North America to reach full fleet compliance with the new noise rules.

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Containers and Pallets

The external dimensions and 3-D diagrams for each container and pallet type utilized by UPS Air Cargo. Container type and build-up must be appropriate.

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Tracking is available through this Web site or by calling the Global Capacity Management Center. We are able to provide status reports en route, to pinpoint the exact location of your shipment.

Track UPS Air Cargo

Enter your Air Waybill number below and select Track.

To track multiple shipments, you can enter up to 10 Air Waybill numbers, each separated by a comma.

Our team is here to help.

  • Priority or Reserved

    Call UPS to book your Priority or Reserved shipment today at 800.535.2345.

  • UPS Air Cargo

    Global Operations Center
    825 Lotus Ave
    Louisville, KY 40213



UPS offers a money-back guarantee for on-time arrival of UPS Air Cargo Priority shipments, where such services are available.

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Excellent service for your day-to-day freight needs. A reservation tailored to fit your time-in-transit requirements.

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Aircraft Charter

The UPS Aircraft Charter team is dedicated to your Aircraft charter needs.


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Dangerous Goods

UPS offers a Universal Dangerous Goods contract that encompasses all types of DG accepted within the UPS Air Cargo network.

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